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What is a Travelling Nurse?

The medical field is constantly looking for nurses but there is a chance that you have never heard of a traveling nurse. If you would love to have a career in the nursing field but you still love the idea of traveling, then this just might be the career you want to look into. A traveling nurse isn’t a nurse that travels from town to town helping sick people. Rather, there are specific companies that hire nurses that are capable of traveling with large groups of people or for disaster relief programs.


One was a traveling nurse is in demand is for cruise ships. As a matter of fact, no ship is allowed to leave a port without having a doctor or at least a nurse on board. If you have always wanted to travel and see the world from a cruise ship, then becoming a traveling nurse for a cruise line just might be what you should look into. You will get to relax and still be able to help those in need when it comes to it.


You will have to have some pretty extensive training in the nursing field to work for a cruise line, though. In fact, you will need to have practical and clinical training for triage in an emergency room as you never know what kind of issues you are going to have to be in the middle of. This type of training will help in disaster relief as well.


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